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Invest in long-term local growth for your business using search engine optimization (SEO San Antonio) marketing.

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I need a sales website that powerfully persuades my “ready-to-buy” visitors.

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I have a great sales website, but I need more traffic, leads, sales from the Internet.

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How Our SEO Works

Pick Your Budget

Select the level of service that fits your budget. The more you invest in SEO, the more traffic you'll get faster.

We Get To Work

We increase traffic by strategically investing in technical SEO, sales and education pages and backlinks.

Monthly Verifiable Results

We review traffic stats and compare them with your leads and sales.  You'll be able to verify your ROI from SEO.

San Antonio SEO Services That Fit Your Budget

Local San Antonio businesses have marketing budgets and we understand.

Our local San Antonio SEO offerings are marketing packages based on the amount of content we create strategically every month.

In addition, we handle multiple technical tasks both on-site and off-site that help with growing your rankings and revenue.


We provide digital marketing for local businesses like yours across San Antonio and Texas.

Prime Web Design has been recognized as one of the top SEO Companies in San Antonio by Design Rush.

Wondering about your profits from SEO?: What is the ROI of SEO?

Local Marketing (SEO) Case Study in San Antonio: Local website gets search engine traffic nine days after launching.

No clue how search engine optimization works?: Understand SEO in three minutes flat.

San Antonio SEO & Educational Content Marketing

New monthly content that gets you more traffic, leads and sales from SEO in San Antonio.

Don't see a package that fits your available budget?

No problem.

You can set your monthly SEO budget at the amount of your choosing (increments of $1,000).


Enterprise-Level SEO & Content for San Antonio

For larger campaigns that require 10+ new pieces of content per month, we offer enterprise-level service.

San Antonio SEO Services FAQ's

How will I know I'm getting a positive return on my investment?

The most important question of all.

How will you know if you're making money or losing money using our services?

We measure ROI from SEO by comparing how much you invest with your total lifetime customer revenue.

We'll work with you to track the number of leads and sales that originate with search engines.

Every month, we'll schedule a sales results call to compare the number of leads and sales against search impressions and website visitors.

This tells us if you're turning a profit and if we're heading in the right direction.

The amount of time and amount of ROI depends on industry and sales cycle timeframes.

Generally, profitably for SEO in San Antonio falls in the two to six month range.

The profitability timeframe is impacted by things like product/service pricing and average number of days to close sales, so every business and industry is different.

Read more about How to Measure Your ROI on SEO.


How long is the contract?

There are no contracts for our San Antonio SEO services.  You are free to cancel anytime and you keep all the content as it's written for and posted on your site.


How long does it take to start getting traffic?

Timeframes for SEO vary depending on the competitiveness of your industry.

You could see sales pages ranking on search engines within a few weeks to 30 days, sometimes it can take a little longer.

It can take 2-6 months to see a significant increase in traffic as search engines get to know your website.

The more educational and sales pages that your website has over time, the more traffic, leads and sales you get in San Antonio.

Do a deep dive and see an actual client case study.


How much time do I need to invest to turn a profit?

The amount of time and amount of ROI depends on your industry and sales cycle timeframes.

SEO is a on-going, long-term marketing investment, generally, profitably falls in the three to six month range.

The profitability timeframe is impacted by things like product/service pricing and average number of days to close sales, so every business and industry is different.

From our experience, a business should look to invest a minimum of six months to see enough traffic to break even and begin to turn a profit.

Of course, every business and industry is different.  It could be quicker than six months or it could take longer.  Either way, we'll be able to track performance to see if we're heading in the right direction.

Use our Traffic & Sales Calculator to find out how much traffic you need to hit your sales goals.


How do you track my leads and sales from search engines?

Impressions and clicks are important, but our objective is for your business to turn a profit.

So, we set up tracking settings in Google Analytics and in each website page.  That allows us to track the number of times contact forms have been filled out and mobile phone calls have been made to your business.

Then, we ask you to track your prospect contacts (leads) using a CRM (like Hubspot, Pipedrive or Salesforce, etc.) to track them from the lead to the sale.

Every month, we'll complete a Results Call where we compare the traffic and leads numbers on our end with the leads and sales numbers on your end.

You will quickly see if the campaign has been profitable.

If you're not already using a CRM, it is strongly encouraged for all marketing channels (SEO, PPC, direct mail, etc.)


What exactly are you doing every month?

There are four areas of SEO that we work on every month:

  • Sitewide Technical SEO
  • Sales Pages
  • Educational Pages
  • Backlinks

The percentage of time spent in each area, will depend on the condition of your website compared to the condition of your competition and how best to get more traffic, leads and sales.

Generally speaking, because new content has the biggest impact on traffic leads and sales over the long term, most of the time each month will be spent on optimizing existing sales pages and creating new sales and education pages (blog posts).

For more information, see The Four Areas of Monthly SEO where we talk in more detail about the monthly items we work on.


Do I need to come up with the content ideas?

No, we create a comprehensive list of subjects based on the questions your customers are already asking online.  We align those subjects with keyword phrases that will help it rank.

If you have a subject(s) you'd like us to write we can do that too.

We will hire a professional writer that specializes in your industry and in SEO.


Do I have to write the content?

No, we hire a professional writer that specializes in your industry and in SEO.

We will write all original content in a way that ranks online and converts visitors into prospects.

If you have a full-time writer on staff, we can coordinate with them to write each piece.


Do I own the content you create?

Yes.  It's 100% yours and on your website forever, generating local traffic along with leads and sales for years to come.


Does this help my other existing marketing efforts?

This is one of the beautiful things about creating more and more sales pages for San Antonio and long-form blog posts that educate.  Each page will possess tons of content.

You can and should use it for social media posts, social media ads, search ads, email marketing and educating prospects prior to the sales appointment.

Smart businesses re-purpose their content over and over again, because they know their long-form blog posts are answering your prospects' questions.

If you're struggling with coming up with social media content or other marketing ideas,  our services will help solve that problem too.

All of these combined efforts will build your brand awareness in the community, making it even easier to get more business.


What happens after I order the service?

We schedule a strategy call to understand your sales goals, so we can determine how best to leverage SEO San Antonio.

We send you an agreement that outlines the work we will do and the first month's invoice.

We invite you to Basecamp where we keep things organized and communicated.

Then we get to work.


Will you work with my competitors at the same time?

No.  That would be a conflict.

We only work with one monthly SEO client per industry and locale (city/state) at a time.

That means that availability is limited.

If we don't have an opening in your industry, we will communicate that with you at the top of the strategy call.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is SEO content marketing?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization.  It's the optimization of your website so search engines, mainly Google, like it and shows it on their search engine results pages.   When someone in San Antonio searches for your products, services or business online your website comes up.  Another way to describe it would be local SEO marketing.

Every day, your prospective customers are searching for your kinds of products or services in San Antonio and other areas, so showing up online is a valuable digital marketing channel.

Have three minutes to spare?  Read this: Get a basic understanding of SEO in three minutes flat.


How to make search engines happy.

Design and build a website that is organized and programmed to the latest search engine optimization standards with content that is easy for visitors to navigate and solves their problems online.


How to get more traffic, leads and sales from search engines.

Regularly create new content that is relevant and engaging to your prospective customers in San Antonio and then promote it everywhere.  The more relevant and engaging content you create, the more SEO visitors you get.  The more content you have, the higher your overall website "authority" and the higher your pages rank in San Antonio.  It's a circle.


How to design your site so you have relevant and engaging content.

The idea is simple, the execution takes work.  Your customers have questions before they buy.  They are using search engines to find the answers.  Create long-form content (that can be wording, images and videos) that answers those burning questions.

The more often your business comes up as a resource in San Antonio (or any city), the more they will learn about you, like you and trust you.  They will view you as an authority in your space.  When they are ready to buy, most of the typical objections you experience with cold leads will be resolved before you even speak with them.


How often should I create website content?

The more often you create content, the better results you'll get.

The pages on your website (that are ranking with search engine optimization), act like advertisements that promote your brand for years, but you only paid for that page one time.

So the more often the better.

We've done deep research and determined that generally, the more pages a website has, the more traffic it gets.

The more digital content you create online the better.  Create as much as your marketing budget will allow each month.

The more you invest in new content over time, the more traffic, leads and sales your business gets.  Adding new pages and posts of content to your website should be a weekly or monthly occurrence.  Your sales pages and educational blog posts will stay on search engines for years, generating traffic 24/7 and your business will own that content.

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