Our Tested "In The Wild" Method That Generates Powerful Websites

Power Launch Framework

Today's buyers have access to more information and more options than at any time in history.

Simply getting your name "out there" isn't enough.

Over time, we've tested and created a method that results in custom websites that rank, build trust and generate pre-qualified leads no matter which marketing channels you use for your business.

Here's how we do it...

Step One

Stake Out Your Piece of The Pie With Unique Positioning

Positioning is the angle, process, niche or focus of your company.  When a company tries to be everything to everyone it usually loses.  But when a company focuses on being great at something, its chances of success go way up.  Figuring out your positioning is the guiding light and the first step for a reason.

9 Proven Ways To Make Your Business Unique

Step Two

Design A Website Blueprint That's a Joy To Use

Organizing your website pages, structure and content around your positioning will amplify your message and build trust.  We’ll structure a user-friendly map of your website that engages visitors.  We’ll craft an SEO keyword strategy that gets in front of and attracts your ideal customers from local search engines.

Step Three

Custom Design a Website That Builds Trust and Increases Engagement

If your website looks like a fill-in-the-blanks template, it will diminish your brand and decrease the quality of your leads and prospects.  While the look and feel of a website is important, the order in which information is presented is even more important.  We custom-design every page based on the logo and brand style guide.  More importantly, we organize the order in which content is presented based on proven testing.

Step Four

Write Wording That Ranks, Pre-Qualifies and Converts Your Prospects

It’s the content that ranks on search engines and gets in front of your future customers.   Poor content, generates low-quality leads and low search rankings.  High-quality wording ranks on search engines and at the same time, pre-qualifies your prospects into high-quality leads.

How to Write Website Content that Ranks and Converts Visitors

Step Five

Create A Lead-Generating Website That Markets and Sells 24/7

With the design framework and content in-hand, we'll use WordPress to build your website.  While we don’t know what the future holds, we try to build websites that are future-proof so we can protect your business and help you grow long-term.

Step Six

Build a Learning Center That Educates Your 'Not Ready to Buy' Visitors

Your prospects have questions before they buy and frankly before they even contact you.  We'll establish your very own educational Learning Center with six long-form articles.  Expertly researched and written, we'll SEO optimize each piece of content to increase traffic and engagement with your future customers.