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Do you have a WordPress website?

We provide website maintenance services (including design and content updates).

Keeping website software up-to-date is super important to the success of every local business.  We are specialists in all things WordPress website maintenance and we work with businesses in Laredo and across Texas.  If we completed a custom website project for you, then you can be assured we only used high-quality plugins from trusted developers and automatically built-in multi-layered security for your protection.


The big picture on how your WordPress website works.

They say that over 30% of websites online today are built on the framework which makes sense, because it is open-source (free).  You can customize your website any way you'd like, you can use just about any hosting company and you can do your own maintenance.

If you, as a business owner in Laredo, TX, own your web hosting account then you own your website.  That means you have the freedom to choose which companies you want to work with for your marketing, hosting or any other services your business might need.  With that kind of control and ownership, you can use your website as the hub for all of your marketing. The reason that matters, is because no matter what kind of marketing strategy you use, most interested customers will end up researching your business through your website long before they contact you.

One way to think about your site, is like a stack of digital building blocks.

The main building block, or foundation, is the site's core software.  Everything sits on top of the site's WordPress core software.

From there you can customize your website by hand-writing custom code and adding it to the core software or you can use pre-written code called plugins to make your digital development easier (some plugins are free and some have fees).

Let's say you would like to have an automated scheduling calendar on your website so visitors can schedule an appointment with you online. Well, you can have that custom-coded or you can install and modify a plugin that already does it.

Since most businesses in Laredo are not creating completely new technology services, like a Facebook, Google or Instagram, using a plugin makes more sense because it's quicker, costs less than hand-writing custom code and gets the job done.

The plugins that you install all sit on top of and weave into the WordPress core software.

So, it's important that the core software and plugin(s) software are updated at least every 30 days at a minimum.

A website that gets regular updates performs better and it helps with local organic rankings.


Three reasons why updates are important to your business and sales.


1. Regular website maintenance reduces the chances of getting hacked by someone sitting in a basement.

You may be thinking..."Who'd want to hack my website? I'm just a local business in Laredo, Texas.".

You'd be surprised.

Without the proper support and security process in place, Laredo local business websites are ripe for hacking.

Hackers are running programs 24/7, from around the world.

24 hours a day they are looking to break into your website and take whatever they can find.

Once they break-in, they will try to steal credit card info first.

If that's not available, they will try to steal email addresses and passwords. They'll take that info and run more programs trying to break into email accounts to see if they can find credit card info and social security numbers in the hacked email accounts.

Since they've broken into your website, they will install their own links to steal your website traffic and redirect it to their website.

For example, and this is a true client story, they'll install links to hacked movies and tv shows from their illegal website.   When visitors come to your website, they'll see images and links to illegal movies instead of your products or services.

Then, before they leave, they'll change your password to your website so you can't get in.

It's like someone broke into your house, stole everything, installed hidden cameras and then changed the locks.


2. So you won't get embarrassed in front of your customers.

Another way to look at the WordPress core software and plugins is like a digital garden.  Even simple gardens require regular care and development to remain beautiful.

All of that software works together and depends on each other to make your website work properly. Over time, as the core WordPress software and plugins get improved security and features, they can stop working if they are not updated on your website regularly.  You can think of regular website maintenance as watering and pruning your digital garden.

While your website design, SEO and overall marketing are all important, if your website doesn't work properly, it will hurt your customer experience and diminish your site's marketing efforts.

Few things are as frustrating as a poor experience on a website and they kills sales quickly.


3. Website maintenance and support helps keep your website from losing sales.

We're in the Internet Age.

Whether you are in Laredo or somewhere else in Texas, your customers are looking you up before they buy.

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, even if 100% of your customers are referrals.

Referral-based businesses lose sales every day and don't know even know it.

Oftentimes, a prospective customer's first experience with your business is on your website.

If they see hacked movie links (true story) or weirdly-loading website pages that don't make sense, they will leave your website and go to your competitor.

You get 3-5 seconds to engage your visitors and then they are gone.

Here's the good news.

Maintaining your website software is a pretty easy task.  With a simple process in place, you can DIY your website maintenance yourself.

We put a video together called How to Update WordPress so you can do it yourself if you feel comfortable.

Just set a monthly "website maintenance" reminder on your calendar and knock it out.

Or we can do it for you.

Whether you are in Laredo or across Texas, we're here to help.

See our contract-free, worry-free WordPress website maintenance services  below.

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