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Local customers from local search engines.
Pre-qualified leads no matter the traffic source.
Verifiable results through comprehensive tracking.

Is it time for a website that increases your sales and profits in Kerrville?

Done right, your website should be leads and sales machine, generating the kinds of customers that you really care about in Kerrville, Texas.

Done wrong, a web design project can turn out to be a costly, stressful mess and you may not get even what you need.

I get it, we talk with business owners all the time.

Launching a new website is a big deal and frankly, it can be overwhelming.

Let your website do the heavy lifting. 
Beat your competition at the same time.

Imagine what it would be like to get calls from pre-qualified prospects in Kerrville that already know, like and trust you.

Getting to speak with folks that need, want and appreciate what you have to offer.

A world where the tire kickers and price hagglers have pretty much disappeared from your life.

A website where you can send your prospects and it turns them into leads and customers…

…no matter how you do your marketing.

Owning a website that gets your business the one thing it needs the most.

When it comes to websites, most businesses use the “pick-n-pray” method

Here’s how it usually goes.

Drag feet for weeks and months, because a new website sounds like an expensive exercise and extra work.

Eventually…they start asking family, friends and associates and searching online.

Find some agencies in Kerrville, Texas and look at their portfolios.

Review their client testimonials (they might be fake, friends or family).

Pick a couple agencies that seem like they know what they’re doing and request proposals.

(By the way, I’m not sure why getting pricing is so difficult in our industry.)

Kick the proposals around at the office for a week or two.

Conduct meetings with the agencies (phone or in-person).

Drag feet again.

Then they pick one and pray that it all works out.

With “pick-n-pray”, some businesses win, but lots of them lose.

Turning a profit in Kerrville is what matters most.

Isn’t that the name of the game?

I like cool logo design, snazzy web design and nerdy traffic and marketing stats as much as the next person, but it’s not about that stuff.

It’s about sales and profits in Kerrville.

While all the steps to launching a website are important, in the end, what our clients care about most are the results, the numbers.

So that’s how we measure success.

Once your custom-designed, custom-written website is launched, we integrate comprehensive tracking.

You’ll be able to see where your leads and sales are coming from and calculate ROI over time.

By seeing what's working (and not working), you'll have a huge competitive advantage over the other guys (almost every local business is NOT doing this).

With solid numbers, you'll know how and where to get more customers.

Kerrville Web Design
Third Party Integrations

Tracking Results Is A Game Changer

Working with third-party services that handle your scheduling, leads, marketing or some other function in Kerrville?

No problem.

We can integrate our web design projects with just about any other services on the planet.

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This is not our first web design rodeo

We’re not gambling with your marketing dough or guessing as we go.

Here’s a real web design client's case study in Texas (step-by-step).


Custom Website Design
Services in Kerrville

Upfront custom website design prices and services.  Web design and search engine optimization that aligns with your business goals and marketing plan in Kerrville.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about custom web design and development?

No prob.

We probably have the answers right here.


How We Design and Develop Websites

How We Handle Payments

How We Design and Develop Projects


What website platforms or services do you use to build websites?

We build in WordPress.  This allows you to have full ownership over the entire website and all website files.  It’s also the most popular website framework in the world.  With other services (ie Wix, Squarespace, Shopify) it turns out you don’t own the entire website design, just the words and images.  You’re renting your website.  In addition, doing custom design is more limited with these services.  If you decide to move your website from one of these services to another, it typically means you will need to re-design and re-build your website.


Will my website work on mobile devices?

Absolutely. Mobile responsiveness is standard for all of our projects, in fact we build and test your website to work on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets.


Will my website be built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Yes.  We build every website with local SEO based on a custom strategy designed to increase your traffic, leads and sales.


Will my website load quickly?

Absolutely.  We utilize two different third-party speed testing services to verify fast load times as recommended by Google.


Are you using a template and simply pasting in the content?

Definitely not.  We want to help our clients gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.  We custom design and optimize every page for maximum effectiveness so your website speaks to your ideal customer.  The name of the game here is to be visually unique and have compelling content that gets high visitor engagement and pre-qualified clients reaching out to you.


Will my website be secure from hackers?

Every website we build includes multi-layered security including hiding the back-end login page, renaming the database and blocking IP addresses amongst many other technical things.  Due to the sheer number of hacking programs on the internet there are no guarantees but, we’re going to do everything we can to protect your digital asset from shady basement dwellers that haven’t seen sunlight in a while.  In addition, the web hosting company will keep daily backups so if something does go wrong, you’ll be covered.


Do you handle the website hosting?

We can manage your hosting, but we recommend that our clients buy the hosting directly and have complete ownership.  We believe you should have 100% complete control and ownership over your website.  That means we shouldn’t do your website hosting.  Our approach is unique in our industry and it gives you the freedom to choose.  In today’s digital world, your website is as real as the office you do business in so, it makes sense that you have control.  Of course, we will walk you through exactly how to do that and we’ll handle everything else.  See our Four Stages below.


If I provide the pictures, can you write the content (wording) for me?

Absolutely. We can do 100% custom copywriting that speaks to your ideal customers and ranks on search engines or you can provide the wording.  If you provide the wording, we will still review and provide edit suggestions and answer any questions to improve the content.


Can you provide the pictures for me too?

Absolutely.  We can curate photos that will promote your company’s image in a professional way.  However, we’d recommend providing as many custom photos as possible.  They will do a much better job of personalizing your website, reflecting what your business does best and in the end speaking to your ideal customer in the most powerful way.  We can recommend some local, professional photographers for your consideration.


How We Handle Packages and Pricing


How much does a website cost?

Since the needs of every client varies and all of our websites are 100% custom-designed, the investment amount varies.  Two of the big factors that impact your investment in website design are the number of pages and any unique functionality.  Check out our services and prices here to get the details on each level of service.


What’s the process for payment?

Stage 1 begins with an e-signed scope of work agreement and payment made by check or credit card.


Are there any monthly or long-term contracts?

No way.  Our expectation is that you would want to continue to work with us because we’ve earned it.  So, we do not have any monthly or long-term contracts, in fact we guarantee it.  We can handle the monthly maintenance of your website or you can do it yourself.


How do I know that the investment amount we agree to won’t change after we start the project?

Before we begin, we present you with a Scope of Work Agreement that outlines all of the specifics of your website design project, timeframes and a total fixed price. Both parties e-sign it and receive copies for our records.  After that, the only way the price would change is if you would like to add additional items that were not outlined in the Scope of Work Agreement.  If that happens, we would simply discuss, agree and update the agreement.


Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes, we offer guarantees for Upfront Price, No Contracts and 100% Ownership.  See our web design guarantees.