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Frequently Asked Questions

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How We Design and Develop Our Websites


What website builders do you use to build websites?

We build primarily in WordPress.  This allows you to have full ownership over the design and content of your website and all website files.  We can also build websites in just about any other service, like Shopify, Wix, etc.  However, with these other services, oftentimes, businesses don't own the entire website and design just the words and images.  Doing custom design is more limited with these other services as you are paying to be on their platform.  In addition, moving your website from one of these services to another typically means you will need to re-design and re-build your website on the new service.


Will my website work on mobile devices?

Absolutely. Mobile optimization is standard for all of our projects.


Will my website be built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We love to build every website with SEO because it makes good business sense, but it will depend on the package you select.  Check our services and packages here.


Will my website load quickly?

Absolutely.  We utilize two different third-party speed testing services to verify fast load times as recommended by Google.


Are you using a template and simply pasting in the content?

Definitely not.  We want to help our clients gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.  We custom design and optimize every page for maximum effectiveness so your website speaks to your ideal customer.  The name of the game here is to be visually unique and have compelling content that gets high visitor engagement on your website.


Will my website be secure from hackers?

Every website we build includes multi-layered security including hiding the back-end login page and blocking IP addresses amongst many other technical things.  Due to the sheer number of hacking programs on the internet there are no guarantees but, we're going to do everything we can to protect your digital asset from shady basement dwellers that haven't seen sunlight in a while.  In addition, the web hosting company will keep daily backups so if something does go wrong, you’ll be covered.


Do you handle the website hosting?

We believe you should have 100% complete control and ownership over your website.  That gives you the freedom to choose.  We recommend that our clients buy the hosting directly and have complete ownership.  In today's digital world, your website is as real as the office you do business in so, it makes sense that you have control.  Of course, we will walk you through exactly how to do that and we’ll handle everything else.  See our Four Stages below.


If I provide the pictures, can you write the content (wording) for me?

Absolutely. We can do 100% custom copywriting that speaks to your ideal customers or you can provide the wording.  Even if you provide the wording, we will still review and provide edit suggestions to improve effectiveness.  Here's a free tip:  The single most important wording on your website are the headlines. Check out our services and packages here.


Can you provide the pictures for me too?

Absolutely.  We can curate photos that will promote your company’s image in a professional way.  However, we’d recommend providing as many custom photos as possible.  They will do a much better job of personalizing your website, reflecting what your business does best and in the end speaking to your ideal customer in the most powerful way.

How We Manage Our Projects


What kinds of businesses do you work with?

Our expertise is in working with all kinds of local businesses that are looking to use their website to get more leads and sales.  But...we do not work in the following industries: politics, religion, social movements, non-profits, pharmaceuticals, ingestibles (ie: Vitamins, CBD, etc.), gambling, alcohol.


How long does it take to build a website?

Timeframes vary based on the number of pages, amount of content, functionality and how soon we receive content.  With that said, the most commonly-sized website is five pages and the timeframe for that project size is typically about 30-60 days.


What's your process for building a website?

We use a unique Four Stage process to ensure we stay organized and launch on schedule.  The number of days per stage depends on the size and scope of the project.

Stage 1 | Initial Design

  1. E-signed Agreement & 50% Deposit.
  2. Complete initial design of the logo and homepage.
  3. Client feedback and approval to move forward.

Stage 2 | Content and Full Site Build

  1. Content provided/created (includes all wording and images) upfront.
  2. Build website with all pages and content online on our server.
  3. Client feedback and approval to move forward.

Stage 3 | Final Updates and Optimize

  1. Final updates made.
  2. Optimize for mobile, speed and multi-layered security.
  3. Client feedback for final approval to move forward.

Stage 4 | Site Migration. Go Live!

  1. Remaining balance paid.
  2. Website migrated to hosting company
  3. Post-Migration quality check.
  4. Google Services created/integrated.
  5. All login access and account information provided to client.

How We Handle Pricing


How much does a website cost?

Since the needs of every client varies and all of our websites are 100% custom, the investment amount varies.  That said, we are upfront about our pricing.  To get an idea of investment for a standard five-page website, Check out our services and packages here.  Most our clients fall in this range.


What’s the process or timeline for payment?

Stage 1 begins with a 50% non-refundable deposit and Stage 4 begins with the remaining 50% balance settled. See our Four Stages above.


Are there any monthly or long-term contracts?

No way.  Our expectation is that you would want to continue to work with us because we’ve earned it.  So, we do not have any monthly or long-term contracts, in fact we guarantee it.  We can handle the monthly maintenance of your website or you can watch our DIY video here.


How do I know that the investment amount we agree to won’t change after we start the project?

Before we begin, we present you with a Scope of Work Agreement that outlines all of the specifics of the project, timeframes and a total fixed price. Both parties e-sign it and receive copies for our records.  After that, the only way the price would change is if you would like to add additional items that were not outlined in the Scope of Work Agreement.  If that happens, we would simply discuss, agree and update the agreement.


Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes, we offer four guarantees for Price, Design, No Contracts and 100% Ownership.  See the details here.

How To Maintain Your Website Post-Launch


After my website is live, can I update it myself?

Absolutely, we build our websites in WordPress so updates are much easier than in the past.  We can handle the monthly maintenance of your website or you can watch our DIY video here.  If it turns out that it’s not your cup of tea or you get stuck, just let us know and we’ll step in to help.


If I get stuck working on my website will you be available to help me?

We'll be a phone call away.  If you get stuck along the way or just have a random question about your website or analytics stuff, just call or email us.  If you want us to do some additional work on the site, we'll give you an upfront quote and invoice you once the work is complete.  No monthly contracts ever.

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