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Get more customers in Boerne from the internet.
Pre-qualified leads no matter the traffic source.
Verifiable results through comprehensive tracking.

Is it time for a website that increases your sales and profits in Boerne?

Done right, your website should be a lead and sales machine in Boerne, generating the kinds of customers you really care about.

Done wrong, it can turn out to be a costly, stressful mess and you may not get even what you need.

I get it, we talk with business owners all the time.

Launching a new website is a big deal and frankly, it can be overwhelming.

Let your website do the heavy lifting. 
Beat your competition at the same time.

Imagine what it would be like to get calls from pre-qualified prospects in the Boerne area that already know, like and trust you.

Getting to speak with folks that need, want and appreciate what you have to offer.

A world where the tire kickers and price hagglers have pretty much disappeared from your life.

A place where you can send your prospects and it turns them into leads and customers…

…no matter how you do marketing in your industry.

Owning a website that gets your business the one thing it needs the most.

Most businesses just want one thing, while trying to avoid two other things.

First, they definitely want to avoid getting overcharged, especially for things they don’t need and won’t work.

Second, they typically want to stay out of long-term contracts that force them to stay with an agency, whether they want to or not.

All while trying to get the thing that really matters…increased sales and profits in Boerne.

The problem is figuring out who you can trust to get it done.

"Prime Web Design came from me tirelessly searching for...

...a great web designer in the San Antonio area. Working within my community is very important to me and I am very glad that I was able to find a web design company at the caliber of Prime Web Design here in my area. Scott was hands on and extremely welcoming to my ideas and really was able to caption my vision. He was professional and went above and beyond and I would now consider him a friend. Great guy, great work and great company, would recommend."

Roland Cuellar Jr
Cuellar & Associates

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Most businesses use the “pick-n-pray” method when buying websites.

Here’s how it usually goes.

Drag feet for weeks and months, because a new website sounds like an expensive exercise and extra work.

Eventually…they start asking family, friends and associates and searching online.

Find some agencies in Boerne and check out their websites and portfolios.

Review their client reviews (they might be fake, friends or family).

Pick a couple agencies that seem like they know what they’re doing and request proposals.

(By the way, I’m not sure why getting pricing is so difficult in our industry.)

Kick the proposals around at the office for a week or two.

Conduct meetings with the agencies (phone or in-person).

Drag feet again.

Then they pick one and pray that it all works out.

With “pick-n-pray”, some businesses win, but lots of them lose.

Is that an elephant in the room?

Let’s get something out in the open.

Shopping for a product or service that’s outside of our wheelhouse can be difficult and if we’re being honest, a little nerve wracking.

No one wants to get taken advantage of, especially when they don’t know where to begin.

No frame of reference or previous experience to lean on.

No clue how to compare different offers.

Not sure what you actually need and don’t need.

No idea even what questions to ask.

You may not know if the answers you’re getting are the right ones for your situation.

Or worse, your previous experiences with digital marketing agencies has been…

Shall we say…

Less than stellar?

Let’s be honest…

Like most service-based businesses, the trust in digital marketing agencies is pretty low.

We work with all kinds of businesses across Texas, so we’ve heard the horror stories.

Here’s what we’ve learned…

Turning a profit in Boerne is what matters most.

Isn’t that the name of the game?

I like cool logos, snazzy web designs and nerdy traffic stats as much as the next person, but it’s not about that stuff.

It’s about sales and profits in Boerne and surrounding areas.

While all the steps to launching a website are important, in the end, what our clients care about most are the results, the numbers.

So that’s how we measure success.

Once your custom-designed, custom-written website is launched, we integrate comprehensive tracking.

You’ll be able to see where your leads and sales are coming from and calculate ROI over time.

By seeing what's working (and not working), you'll have a huge competitive advantage over the other guys (almost every local business is NOT doing this).

With solid numbers, you'll know how and where to get more customers.

Third Party Integrations

Tracking Results Is A Game Changer

Working with a third-party service that handles your scheduling, leads, sales, marketing or some other function?

No problem.

We can integrate with just about any third-party platform on the planet with our websites.

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We help you get the Boerne customers you really want.

Think of the pages on websites in two groups, sales and education.

The sales group includes all the standard pages we think of in a website:

The homepage, about, contact, services and products pages, etc.

The sales pages have two jobs:

1. Attract your ‘ready-to-buy’ prospects from search engines.
2. Get leads and sales from all prospects, no matter where they came from or how they got there.

Your sales pages will work with your existing marketing.


The education pages have two jobs:

1. Attract ‘not-ready-to-buy’ prospects from search engines and educate them.
2. Persuade prospects to buy from you when they are ready.

The last time I checked, every human I’ve ever heard of has questions before they buy something.

In fact it turns out that about 95% of search engine traffic are from people asking questions.

Stuff like…

“What’s the best {insert your product/service}”

“How much does {insert your product/service} cost?”

“Pros and cons of using {insert your product/service}?”

The questions are almost endless.

Educating builds trust, builds brands and sells stuff.


Then start getting traffic from any of the usual suspects…

Social media, search engines, live events, referrals, project bids, conferences, etc.

And some oldies, but goodies…

Billboards (yes they still work), direct mail (also still works), tv and radio (and yes and yes).

This is where your website does the heavy lifting for you.

It educates, pre-qualifies and sells to your prospects, before you even know they exist.

A profitable website is actually a platform, you own, that weaves sales and education into one experience.

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This is not our first rodeo

A Search Engine Optimization Case Study

We’re not gambling with your dough or guessing as we go.

We use strategy, design and search engine optimization to get websites ranking fast.

Here’s a real client case study (step-by-step)


"Prime Web Design, Scott and his team did an amazing job in...

...redoing our website. We needed a complete overhaul of our previous early-2000s version of our website and Prime Web Design was able to deliver. Their team was capable and able to offer insights both in the design and function of our website design. Additionally, they were both responsive yet patient in cases where they were waiting on us to proceed to the next step. I would recommend their services to anyone and will continue to use Prime Web Design for any future needs."

Spencer Anderwald
Lange, Poteet & Co.

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What happens after you launch?

Glad you asked.

For starters, we won’t leave you high and dry and we won’t force you into a contract either.

Once your website is launched in Boerne, we can do everything, we can do nothing or something in-between,

We can provide whichever level of support your business needs.

Custom Web Design Services

Custom web design that aligns with your business goals and marketing plan.